Health and Safety Policy

TEZA Ltd. sets as its main objective the continuous improvement and development of the implemented Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS 18001: 2007 in compliance with the relevant legal requirements.
The current policy on health and safety at work is part of the general policy of the Integrated Quality Management and Information Security System of TEZA Ltd. The Health and Safety at Work Guidelines (HSW) include:
• Continuous improvement of the working environment in compliance with the current requirements of the Bulgarian legislation in order to achieve a high quality of the performed activities; protect the health and employability of both its employees and all visitors located within the company’s territory and the expectations of society.
• Effective management of risks to health and safety, minimizing the risks to staff and other stakeholders related to the company’s activities;
• Permanent identification of hazards and risk assessment for health and safety at work, definition of measures and provision of resources for its management;
• Strict compliance with the applicable legal and other requirements related to identified hazards and assessed risks to health and safety at work;
• Providing sufficient information, instruction and training to employees and enhancing personal responsibility towards safety and health at work;
• Active cooperation with authorized organizations for the control of health and safety at work and all stakeholders in solving the problems related to the provision of health and safety at work;
The management of TEZA Ltd. calls on its employees to apply the principles and requirements stemming from the current HSW policy. The implementation of these principles and the personal responsibility of everyone for the protection of the working environment as well as the observance of the resulting from the implemented HSMS are an obligation of all employees.