TEZA Ltd. participated in the 15th edition of the National Conference on E-education. It was held on October 24 in Sofia, Hotel Balkan. The representative of TEZA was Dr. Eng. Milena Yordanova. She presented and demonstrated developed and implemented e-learning solutions for secondary education, as well as solution for foreign language learning for adults.

Part of the TEZA team’s development is an interactive tutorial designed to assist teachers in conducting ” Collective education”.

Dr. Eng. Milena Yordanova demonstrated part of the 7 Modules, including three lessons each for 9 to 12 grades:

  • Health education
  • Sexual health training
  • Preventive training (drugs, alcohol and tobacco)
  • Road safety training
  • Relax and leisure training
  • Emergency response training
  • Education and culture

An innovative approach to learning, combined with interactivity and a different look through design, supports the educational process for both the teacher and the student.

The lessons are distributed free of charge in the system developed by TEZA for our client.

Access to e- Classroom Hours: https://academy.teza.bg/

In the lecture, Dr. Eng. Milena Yordanova presented the product that TEZA has created for Bulgarian language training for foreigners for level A1 – A2.

TEZA has developed and offers an e-training course for self-study in Bulgarian for foreigners, according to the methodology for teaching foreign languages.

The development was realized jointly with leading experts in the field of foreign language training and presented with a story line, presented entirely through interactive animations with professional audio sound.

Access address: https://onlinebulgarian.com/

Part of the presentation of TEZA was a joint partnership with the American company VOXY. TEZA is a VOXY representative for Bulgaria and Romania.

More information at: http://voxy.bg/

Teza Team