Third meeting Gamification Methods for Educational Management
Centrum Wolontariatu

Third International Meeting , project “Gamification Methods for Educational Management” No. 2018-2-RO01-KA205-049913 , under the Erasmus + Program

The third international project meeting 2018-2-RO01-KA205-049913 under the Erasmus + Program “Gamification Methods for Educational Management” was held from 28-29 November 2019 in Kielce, Poland.


The coordinator of the project is CENTER OF STRATEGIES FOR YOUTH DEVELOPMENT – Romania, the organizer of the meeting was Regionale Centrum Woluntariatu – Poland, Teza Ltd. together with Socials Inovacijas Centrs – Lithuania; Institute of Entrepreneurship Development – Greece are the other partner organizations in the project.

The general aim of the project is to develop gamification non-formal education methodologies and instruments for young people aged 18-29. The project objectives which are planned to be achieved in a 2 year duration are:


  1. Development, testing, validation and distribution of the following intellectual outputs:

– Online test for young people – learning to learn competence

– Board game

– Card game

– Web & mobile app

– Manual for youth workers- how to use gamification methods in youth work and other educational experiences


Five new instruments and methodologies using gamification to be tested by 25 youth workers in their activities with 100 young people over the course of a two-year period


  1. Improving professional skills of 25 youth workers by the participation in the creation of gamification educational methodologies and by testing them with 100 young people throughout the project period.
  2. Testing transversal educational impact of the methodologies developed in the project in 5 formal education contexts (in Romania, Greece, Poland, Latvia and Bulgaria).


The participants of the meeting presented the progress of the activities and discussed key points in the project work over the next 1 year. Management, communication, monitoring and evaluation methods, risk management and dissemination and use of results were discussed and adopted.


Timeframes and milestones have been set in the implementation of the activities to assist in the effective implementation and sustainable implementation of the project. The activities and expected results for the period until the next international project meeting in February 2020 in Bulgaria, when the organizer will be Teza Ltd.


The development of a successful and working partnership has been strengthened.

Teza Team