LIREX EXAM knowledge assessment system

LIREX EXAM is knowledge assessment web based system that automates and manages the entire evaluation and testing process. The software increases the efficiency of both the people responsible for the whole assessment process and the employees themselves, whose knowledge is being evaluated.

Lirex Exam

The main goal

The main goal of LIREX EXAM is to increase efficiency and improve the level of competence by saving time and resources for both the organization and the employees. All parties are satisfied and the new generation information needs are met.

What are the specific processes covered by the solution?

Conducting computer-based self-study tests and/or assessments

Exam preparation and planning – Q&A management, synopsis management, committee management, exam planning

Assisting the self-study process for the exam

Audit and control – detailed reports and statistics regarding the executed assessments, access to general and individual protocols; test statistics, synopses, Q&A; history of actions performed in the system

Exam software access

Access to the system is via a standard web browser. The system users can access the functionalities and data to which they are granted authorization.

Exam software key features

Multilingual user interface intuitive and easy to use, responsive to high digital literacy of employees

Providing secure and reliable technology for remote work in the Internet environment

Protection against unauthorized attempts to access data with two-factor authentication for external access

Flexible access rights management to modules, functionalities and data

Traceability and transparency in key data changes

Self-study module with 24-hour access to exam materials and remote self-preparation tests

Keeping statistics on the results achieved; individual reports on exam results; opportunity for close monitoring by the technical service team


We design, develop and implement a web based information system for conducting computer based assessments according to the specific needs of each organization.

The IT solution deployment is directly linked to the increasing capabilities and reduced costs of access to information and communication technologies. The business benefits gained by the projects we have executed are:

  • Improved efficiency and reduced cost of employee knowledge assessment
  • Improved corporate culture by introducing optimized and modern digital processes, reflecting contemporary reality – an important prerequisite for success
  • Transparency in the preparation and validation of exam questions and synopses
  • Provision of static tools for data analysing in order to optimize the exam materials and assessment methodology

Opportunities for upgrading, scaling and flexible customization according to your organization

The system is designed in a multi-layered architecture, on a modular basis, allowing flexible configuration, management and access control to resources and functionalities. The assessment software is extremely suitable for organizations that execute regular sessions of knowledge evaluation and online training for their employees.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to increase employee engagement or motivate them to be more productive, more active, and more creative.

Creating facilitations in the process of self-preparation on systematic notes, tailored to the specific requirements of employees in different structural units, implemented with modern technologies, is definitely a prerequisite for a higher motivation of the employee to enrich knowledge, pass exam sessions and maintain high level of professional qualification.