Quite often the technology changes faster than the knowledge content. Companies invest in learning applications that a couple of years later are still current, but incompatible with the corporate IT infrastructure. Here is why we offer our Recycle service.

If you have invested in an e-course that could no longer be delivered to the end users we might be able to help you out.

Just send in the content and we will quote on developing an entirely new e-course to be applicable with your current needs.

In addition we can also upgrade any of the application features, rebrand and redesign its looks and incorporate any other content you need to be added.

Sometimes it could be a tough job to re: design, record and develop, so if you provide us with the knowledge graphics, audio, video and text it might help get a better quote.

Starting from 2000 Euro / 2400 USD. Please send your inquiries here.

RECYCLE e-course