In the modern world of technology, almost all animations are made with the help of a computer program. It allows for an easy creation and manipulation of any character or 3D object. The animation process starts with the artist who illustrates the characters by hand and then the sketches are transferred to an application. Later the images are colored to a pre-defined scheme, character skeleton and movements are created.Computer animation is used in all e-games, movies and TV ads, but it is also entering the corporate web pages and social platform profiles. Today people are surrounded with so much audio-visual information that it becomes harder and harder to gain their attention. This is why companies need to create ever better and more memorable content. In this game of wining consumer awareness the essential trick is to choose on the right designs and characters which will make a group of different people to identify themselves with a business or a product. The imagination that companies can use for their campaigns has only one limit – the customers’ believes and values.

This is why the computer animation has become one of the modern weapons of online marketing. Creating business animation can be a delicate task. In order to build a strong brand the commercial campaigns have to emphasize on the story they tell and not as much on the corporate logos and slogans.

Move ahead of your competitors, escape the crowd, sell more and get to the top! Using a professionally crafted animation campaigns will put your products and services firmly in customers’ minds.

Starting from 1000 Euro / 1200 USD per minute. Get a quote here.

Environment modelling Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds max



Designing and modeling environments based on concepts by the client. These can include nature environments as well as hard surface urban ones. Clients can choose between having the environments modelled to be high poly with lots of details to be used for animations, or low poly with fewer details to go in a game engine.

Character modelling Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds max, ZBrush



Making 2D character concepts into 3D characters.
We create 3D character designs based on the requirements by the client. Character will be exported to the program of the client’s choice, typically 3Ds Max, Zbrush or Maya. They can be modeled for animation, 3D printing or to go into a game engine.

Architectural visualization using vray
Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds max



We offer visualization for all types of homes. This includes exteriors and interiors: Luxury apartments, family condos, lodges, skyscrapers, commercial centers. Scenes are rendered using the photo realistic renderer V-ray.

Props texturing
Substance painter



We offer character and prop texturing, done in Substance painter. We utilize PBR texturing to produce more physically accurate finals results.

Character Rigging
Autodesk Maya

Animation friendly rigs will be created in Autodesk Maya. This includes rigs for human and animal characters as well as mechanical rigs for game or movie props.

3D Animation
Autodesk Maya

We offer stylized character animations done in Autodesk Maya. These can include multiple characters and backgrounds depending on the client's needs. We can use custom characters or ones provided by the client.

Motion graphics
After effects

We combine pieces of animation or digital footage, combined with audio to create 2D animated graphics on various topics. This can include infographics, tittle sequences, short animations, etc.

2D Animation
Adobe Animate

The works which are done in 2D are made in a variety of techniques, depending on the style chosen by the client. They can be a classic frame by frame animation or inverse kinematic style with bone rigs.

2D Animation
Adobe Animate

We offer animations which follow the laws of composition, perspective, color and others that are essential to the creation of beautiful 2D works. Animations are done directly in Adobe Animate along with initial concepts which are approved by the client.

2D Animation
Adobe Animate

Using Adobe Animate we create animations and graphics which include interactivity. Using ActionScript, they allow the user to take part in the development in the animation.